Personal Statement

Having the privilege to join an Implant residency program will serve to fulfill my professional goal of becoming an excellent implant surgeon. I am already an outstanding and experienced endodontist having worked for seven years in the field of endodontics. Studying dental implantology will allow me to offer a specialized treatment option to my patients when saving their tooth that has a lower long-term prognosis. I am an enthusiastic, persistent individual, and I believe I would undergo the program successfully given my past education, experience, and passion.

I studied dentistry between the years 1998 to 2006 at the University of Pittsburgh in the United States. During my training in dental school, I attended several rotations in the Implant Center at the University’s School of Dental Medicine. Throughout those rotations, I had the opportunity to observe and assist in implant surgeries as well as implant restoration. During that time, I was fascinated by the work done at the implant center, and I discovered my interest in the field of Implant Dentistry. Since then, I have set my mind on pursuing my goals of becoming an exceptional Implant Dentist and also an excellent Endodontist. I also gained experience after my graduation in 2006 when I went back to my home country, Kuwait, to attend a 12 month intensive General Practice Residency that is focused on all fields of dentistry. Additionally, I underwent the Endodontics Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry between 2007 and 2009 where I earned a Certificate in Endodontics. I later received my Ms. Degree in oral sciences in 2011.

I feel extremely passionate about becoming an excellent implant surgeon. The knowledge of implantology will enable me to offer my patients different treatment options based on the best available scientific techniques. Being an implant surgeon will also enhance the level of satisfaction among my patients given that I would be able to provide them with treatment with a very high success rate. Apart from helping my patients, I will also have the program enhance my personal development as a dentist and the ability to handle several related challenges in the field. For instance, the studies will help me to learn new things within the profession of dentistry. I will also get the opportunity to practice implantology and become an expert. Moreover, I would be able to attain my desired level of academic fulfillment.

I would be incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity to become an Implant Surgeon. I believe my dedication to this career and passion for helping others will allow me to become a valued member of this noble profession. Looking to the future, I appreciate the opportunity to fulfill my ambition of becoming an implant surgeon to be able to save teeth and place implants. I will use my knowledge as an opportunity to serve the society. I will work hard and excel in my studies towards becoming an excellent implant surgeon. Moreover, I would comply with the scholarship policies and the rules and regulations of the institution of learning throughout the one-year period.

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