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How many late nights have you had, struggling to get a research paper done and knowing that it will never get a good grade. Your solution is to buy a research paper from Studicus, the premier online writing service for all students’ needs.
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Welcome to Studicus!

Welcome to We’re glad you are considering us. If you are interested in buying an essay, you are in the right place. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality services.

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Here’s what Studicus can offer.

Students who buy essays from us should expect nothing less than excellence. We have worked hard to create a great user experience that includes a quality website, 24/7 customer support, best experts in their fields, 100% unique papers, total confidentiality, and secure payment system.


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Proofreading, 5 days, Freshman 5/5

I wanted to be sure that my paper is unique and didn’t have any mistakes. I ordered proofreading from one of their best editors (according to the support department member whom I was talking to). And yes, in fact, it looks like their editor is really one of the best. Many many thanks!

Marquetta USA
Research paper, 5 days, Senior 5/5

Analytical research paper is something hard to finish on your own without a massive background knowledge of the opted topic and without performing major research. Gladly, there exist places like this that can do all of the above for you. For less than $300 my 4k pages research was ready in 5 days. Also, they gave me a plagiarism report that assured about the paper` quality. Worth every penny.

Monica USA
Essay, 5 days, Senior 5/5

I got greatly combined college essay of the historical theme. The terms, dates, figures, characters and events were all included and in the necessary order. What also was great that even with the deadline of 5 days I had a first-time discount as I was their new client. So cool.

Elena Canada
Thesis, 45 days, PhD 5/5

During my last year of Master`s program I had to finish the thesis that I had started during the first year of my program. The due date was in one and a half month and my thesis was only half way done. I asked Studicus to complete my paperwork within one month, as I needed to prepare for the presentation and a speech in front of the audience. I also decided to ask them to write my speech, which they did. The quality report guaranteed me 100% unique piece of writing. Excellent job guys!

Theo Australia
Essay editing, 6 days, Sophomore 5/5

Editing was the main point to be presented in my essay. Because it was of many pages I just couldn’t go through all of them on my own. I gave them a deadline of 6 days. They fit in with it. The price was less than $100 and the after-all quality worth it. I`m sure that in case I will be looking for some assignment help I would easily rely on them.

Freeda USA
Dissertation, 12 days, Master 5/5

Perfect dissertation help for me. I`m grateful for both your writer and the discount that you had given to me. Just exactly what I needed at the time. This morning I placed another order that is similar to the one they did for me a couple of months ago. One more plus is that this service is affordable. Superb!

Zaine USA
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We are proud to say that we work with the best writers in their fields. If you still hesitate, feel free to check out some of the papers that we already delivered.
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Comparison of business-level and corporate-level strategies of McDonald's and Culver's.

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The Stress of Research Paper Writing

There’s a lot involved in writing a research paper for college classes. First, there is the expectation for high quality – much higher than you had to produce in high school. The topics are more complex, the resources more sophisticated, and the demand for excellent formal writing is uncompromising.

Just thinking about the process for producing a decent research paper can be depressing:

  • you have to choose a topic that is scholarly and worthy of college level research;
  • you have to find resources that are worthy of college research too – primary rather than secondary, in most cases;
  • there is all of that reading and note-taking to do;
  • then the research has to be organized into sub-topics for a logical flow of presentation;
  • the outline comes next, so that the first draft can be written;
  • finally, there is the review and editing and writing of the final draft;
  • and don’t forget the citation requirements and the formatting.

It’ s exhausting just thinking about attacking this project.

And when every instructor in every class insists on a research paper, it is easy to just become overwhelmed and settle for doing a mediocre job. The problem is, your grades suffer.

Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than Great

When you get into a bind, or you just can’t get motivated to get your research paper done, it’s time to head on over to Studicus and place and let one of our research paper experts go to work for you.

When students place orders for research papers, or for any other type of academic writing, here is how it works as Studicus:

  1. The order form asks for all of the details, so that we can analyze what you need and send it over to the perfect writer.
  2. When we say “perfect writer,” we mean that only a writer with a degree in the topic area of your paper will be assigned to produce it. The other part of that definition is the level of degree. If you are an undergrad, an expert with at least a Master’s will write your research paper. Grad students will always get Ph.D.’s for writers.
  3. You will get a personal account and stay in touch with your writer through a messaging system on that account page. This helps to ensure that you get exactly what you want.
  4. When your paper is finished, you will be notified and receive that draft on your account page. You review and either approve it or ask for changes. If you want changes, those will be finished quickly.

Why Studicus is the Best Website You Should use to Buy Research paper Writing

If you look to buy a research paper online, and start with a Google search, you will open up pages and pages of writing services, all of which claim you can buy a research paper for college cheap. And you also know that most of these services are pretty unethical. They use poor foreign students who try to re-write stuff from existing databases or, worse, just send you something that has been out there for awhile or sell you the same paper they have written for someone else. Any of these events is a disaster for you.

We do things differently at Studicus. There is no place in our operation for fraudulent or unethical activity. We believe in full transparency and have the guarantees and benefits to protect our reputation. Here is what you get from us:

  • only degreed and qualified English-speaking researchers and writers;
  • a guarantee of no plagiarism. We scan every piece of writing before delivery to a customer. We have never had an instance of plagiarism, and we will supply our scan report to you;
  • when we say, custom research paper for sale, we mean custom. Each paper is begun only after you have ordered it, and all of your instructions are followed to the letter;
  • we meet any deadline. If you need to buy a research paper online urgently, get in touch with us immediately. We have a huge team of writers and one will be available to meet that urgency;
  • we guarantee an absolutely safe and secure experience. When you order a research paper online from us, and provide personal information (name, email address, and phone number), we immediately encrypt it and assign you an ID number. You are known only by that number in our system. And when you pay for your paper, that payment is processed by a reputable third-party SSL-certified processor – one that many online retailers use;
  • we respect your need for confidentiality. We share no personal information with anyone else – ever;
  • we also have a customer support department that is available around the clock, so that any need, issue or question is addressed immediately.

End the Risk and Get Those Grades

You don’t need to spend time and money looking and paying for papers and other assignments that will be mediocre at best. You want quality, confidentiality, and good grades. When you hire us to complete all of your writing needs, this is exactly what you get.

Place your first order now and experience how the real pros do it.

What are you waiting for? Place your order right now and let us show you what real pros do.

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