Every time a customer places an order, we know that they are spending their hard-earned money. We appreciate this as well as the opportunity to serve you. In addition to providing the best writing services, we aim to provide you with the best value as well. One part of this is to offer some very attractive discounts.

First time customer discount

It is our policy to show appreciation to new customers by offering them a significant discount on their first order. When you place your inaugural order with us, you will be given a discount code. This can be used to get a 15% saving off of your first order. Consider it our thanks for giving us an opportunity to serve you.

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1.Order pages 2.Get an automatic price reduction
Lifetime discount

We hope that your first order will be so satisfactory that you will continue to use our services. We offer an accumulative discount that we believe will be very worthwhile for our returning customers. Here’s how it works.
Our system tracks the total number of pages that you order over time. Once you hit the specific page amount, you'll get an automatic price reduction every time you place a new order.

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Seasonal discount

We love to celebrate at We also want to include you in our festivities. You may not be able to join our office parties, but we can offer some great discounts. Here is a very abbreviated list of our seasonal discounts, sales, and specials.

Questions and suggestions?

If you have questions, comments, and suggestions about our discount programs, please contact us. We are glad to provide additional details or assistance. If you believe you are due a discount that you have not received, we will work hard to ensure that you get the savings you have earned. Let us help you get the best price possible.

Life-time discount

Order now and get:

You are eligible for 5% life-time discount when you order 15 pages in total

5 % off 15+ Pages

You are eligible for 10% life-time discount when you order 50 pages in total

10 % off 50+ Pages

You are eligible for 15% life-time discount when you order 100 pages in total

15 % off 100+ Pages
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