Money Back Guarantee

Even though our customer satisfaction rate is 100%, we realize we may also fall short of meeting our high standards. We understand that things may happen on the customer’s end and cause them to be unable to continue their order.

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It is for these reasons that we have a money back guarantee policy. Please keep reading to learn more about this policy.

Changes to This Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time. While we try to ensure that customers are made aware of these changes, we cannot guarantee that everyone will receive that notification. Please be aware that changes may be made without prior notification, and that customers are bound to this policy whether or not they are familiar with it.

We strongly recommend reviewing this policy when you place your order. The policies contained in this document at the time you place your order will apply to you. This means that a change in policy will not affect orders that are already in process.

Refunds and Credits

With the exception of violations to our originality guarantee, we reserve the right to offer either refunds or credits. This decision is left to the discretion of our customer service agents who we trust to make each decision fairly with the interests of the customer in mind.

Please note that we use the terms refund and credit interchangeably throughout this document. This should not be taken as a guarantee of a refund or credit in any given situation.

Any Purchased Order Preferences are non-refundable as are inseparable from the initial product and service provided. The only exceptions are ‘Draft’, ‘1-page summary’ or ‘Originality report’ features, if they are not provided to the Customer in addition to the product.

Methods of Applying Refunds or Credits

If you are entitled to receive a credit, that will be marked in your customer file. When you place an order, you will be able to use a discount code in order to apply the credit. If the amount of credit you have received exceeds the cost of your order, you may apply the remaining credit to a subsequent order. Please note that credits are not transferable to others. You are allowed to apply credits to any product or service.

In the event that you are offered a refund, the method for applying that refund will depend on the payment method you used. For example, credit card payments will be refunded to the card that you used. PayPal payments will remitted to your PayPal account. Please be aware that we may need your cooperation to ensure that you get the refund you are entitled to, and that it posts in a timely manner.

Cancelled Orders

If you must cancel your order, please do so quickly. While we regret the loss of business, we understand that circumstances arise. If we receive your cancellation before your order has been assigned to a writer, we will be able to credit you the full amount.

If we have already assigned your order, then we can only offer a prorated refund. This will be calculated by our customer service staff. It will be based upon the amount of work that has been completed thus far, the complexity of the assignment, and the type of assignment.

Please not that in addition to providing you with a partial credit, we may be able to provide you with work completed up until the date of your cancellation. However, this is determined on a case by case basis, and cannot be guaranteed. Partial documents come with no warranty, and are not part of any guarantees regarding quality.

Quality Issues

The vast majority of the documents we deliver to customer have absolutely  no quality issues. When these problems do exist, they are usually minor. We can fix these, often within a few minutes.

Unfortunately, there are times when things really do go badly. It may be caused by a writer’s misinterpretation of instructions, or some other issue. Here is the bottom line. If a paper is deemed unacceptable due to quality issues and we cannot complete a revision within a reasonable amount of time, you will receive a refund or credit.

The paper that is created by the Company is for reference purposes only and is not ready for any submission. If the claim for compensation is due to a bad grade, such cases will be investigated according to the comments on the content, produced by the Writer.

Failure to Complete Revisions

On the rare occasions we are asked to complete revisions, we are able to do so quickly without any issue. However, there are occasions where we cannot complete revisions. This is usually because a qualified writer is not available. If you have paid for a revision that we are not able to complete for you, we will quickly issue a refund to compensate you for your inconvenience.

Inability to Assign a Writer

If we receive your order and cannot match it with a qualified writer, we will contact you. If you are able to wait until a writer is available, we will reward you with a credit towards a future order. If you must cancel your order,  you are due a full refund.

Originality Guarantee

If you are able to provide documented proof that any paper you receive from us, we will investigate. If the allegation proves to be true, we will offer you a full refund along with an additional discount or credit to compensate for any distress or inconvenience. Further, any employee or contractor involved will be terminated immediately.

If the claim is that the paper is unoriginal, a credible plagiarism report is required (preferably “”).

Please note that we have never once received any complaints related to originality during the time that we have been in business.


If you would like to dispute any decision made regarding a refund or credit, simply contact customer service. They will escalate the issue, and put you into contact with a member of our management team. They will discuss the issue with you and proceed accordingly. However, we cannot guarantee that disputing a refund or credit will change the final decision.

In Order to submit a compensation request, the Customer must contact the Support Team within 6 months after the Order was completed.

The Billing Department representative requires up to 2-5 days to review the request, and provide the resolution to the Customer over the phone or by e-mail. In certain cases, the Customer's claim may be reviewed immediately or within a shorter time period.