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Buy College Essay Writing

The essay. It is the most common assignment that college students get. And it can be the most anxiety-producing, if there are several “in the hopper” at the same time. And students who struggle with English composition anyway are under even more stress.

College students are busy people. They have classes to attend; they have homework; many have part-time jobs; they have campus activities and organizations; and they have a social life, of course. And when academic assignments pile up, they have to decide what to sacrifice in order to get them done.

What if you didn’t have to sacrifice? What if you could buy college essay writing online from a professional, reputable service that guaranteed high quality, original, customized research and impeccable composition every time. Sound like a fantasy? Not on your life.

It sounds like Studicus.

The Pain of Essay Writing

Here’s the thing. There are lots of reasons why academic writing is painful.

  1. Some students struggle with English composition in general, and it just takes them twice as long as others to produce an assignment. And, even then, it may only receive a mediocre grade.
  2. Students have courses they don’t like, like those general education requirements that have nothing to do with their degree fields of interest. When academic assignments are given in these courses, they have no motivation to write them and usually procrastinate until the last minute. The result? A pretty poor piece of writing.
  3. Many students have part-time jobs – something that limits their time. When they have several essays due at the same time, there is just no way that all of them will be done well.

These are the things that cause students to buy college essays online. 

Two Types of Essays Students Order

These assignments come in two varieties – basic and research.

The Basic Essay

This is usually a five-paragraph piece that requires little to no research. They can be of any variety (expository, descriptive, definition, comparison-contrast, persuasive, etc.). They are not lengthy, but they do require careful organization, a strong thesis statement, an engaging introduction, and a good conclusion. In between are 3-4 body paragraphs that support the thesis statement – paragraphs with good topic sentences and transitions in between.

The Research Essay

This is a much longer piece and can also be compared to the research paper. The issue here is that they take so much time. There is the topic identification but beyond that, there are many more steps involved:

  1. There is the research – sometimes hours of it – in order to gain solid knowledge of the topic and then be able to construct a thesis statement.
  2. There is the organization of all of that research into sub-topics, so that some type of organizational map can be constructed – usually an outline.
  3. Then, of course, comes the composing the rough draft, carefully noting all of the citations that have to be entered in the text.
  4. Next, of course, is the editing and revising, so that there a final polished piece of writing to submit – a piece that is both scholarly and which reflects excellent grammar and composition.
  5. And don’t forget the formatting and the bibliography

Now, multiply this by five or so (one each for every course), and you have a “perfect storm” of research and writing that is just overwhelming. How do you get it all done?

You buy college essay papers online, that’s how.

Risky Business

Buying academic writing online has always been risky. In fact, there are students with horror stories of their experiences buying a cheap college essay for sale, only to get scammed. The piece was either plagiarized from an online database, was written by a poor ESL student in a foreign country or was not written and delivered at all. Money and time wasted, and still nothing to turn in.

Eliminating the Risk

So, how does someone buy custom college essay online products which are original, professionally written by qualified experts, and end up with a product he can actually submit for a grade?

There are a minority of online services to do this. The issue, of course, is finding them in the “haystack” of thousands upon thousands of such companies.

We are here to tell you this: Studicus can eliminate your search and your risk right now. Take a look at what we offer.

College Students Can Buy an Essay with Confidence

Studicus has been in business for a long while now. And we have a reputation for quality that we protect.

When you choose our service for your academic writing needs, you always get the following:

A Qualified Writer

We only hire native English-speaking writers with degrees from English-speaking universities.  And our hiring process is tough. Not just anyone can work for us.

We have all academic areas covered, so that college students can buy research and writing on any topic and always have a qualified writer for the task.

We have all degree levels covered. Undergraduates will always have a writer with at least a Masters; graduates will always have Ph.D.’s in their fields.

We Guarantee Original, Custom Products

When college students buy from us, they get a single, qualified writer. The writer begins the order from scratch, produces it, and sends it over to our editing department for a final check. Not only is it checked for compliance with your instructions and quality of research and writing. It is scanned for plagiarism, and the report is available to you.

We Keep Our Promises

We promise the following;

  • We meet your deadline, no matter how urgent it is
  • We protect your privacy - no one will ever know you have used our service.
  • We will write and revise until you are 100% happy
  • You will have direct conversation with your writer at all times
  • Our customer support department will be available to you 24/7/365

We Thrive on Long-Term Relationships

We are successful because we deliver what college students need when they need it. And we make sure it is right.

Your education is just too important to jeopardize it by not having enough time or motivation to complete all of the assignments you will surely get.

You study hard at college; you do your best. But sometimes you just need some help. And that’s why we are here. Most of our customers are longer-term. Once they see what we deliver, they keep coming back. We know you will too!

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