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It’s a common thing. High school students tend to panic and look for an admission essay writing service, as they get into the college application process. The admission writing has to be perfect. It has to address the prompt; it has to be creative and engaging; and it has to be free of any grammar errors. It’s a pretty tall order. You may have the same qualifications and backgrounds as many other applicants. And when this is the case, it may be the college admission essay that tips the scales in favor of one student over another. Such admission writing is a lot of pressure on you.

What a Winning Essay Looks Like

In one word, unique. Remember this: many students are responding to the same prompt that you are. And many of these pieces all sound the same. After reading so many of the same content, committee members just become numb. Your job is to find a completely unique angle – a method of attacking the prompt to stand out. Consider this rather famous example: A student opted for a prompt which asked her to describe a time when she had a problem to solve and the process she went through to solve it. She was in her room being harassed by a fly which kept buzzing around her. She chose this as her problem and then proceeded through her decision-making process to get rid of the fly. Her writing piece was a winner with the committee.

Getting the Help You Need

Great admission essay help and a service to provide it are not easy to find. You may try to find help from fellow students who have great English skills; you may have a relative who seems to be a good writer. Or you may take the route of lots of other students and look for an online writing service.

But you need more than just a good service with English-speaking employees. You need creativity. And there’s the rub. There are many writers out there with great grammar and composition skills, and they can produce an academically sound admission essay. But the essay is likely to be just like all the others submitted – rather dull and boring. You want someone to write your college application essay who can add a unique creative bent to make you memorable.

You can find thousands of online writing services promising a wonder university admission essay, but very few actually deliver the uniqueness you want. And some of them are not even able to produce grammatically correct writing pieces – they are ESL students who are paid very little to just produce anything to deliver.

Studicus is Your Solution

Why our service? Because we have the following to offer you:

  1. Native English-speaking writers with degrees and impeccable composition skills.
  2. An entire department of creative writers with the unique talent to present a memorable you.
  3. A single assigned creative who will write your college application essay in collaboration with you. Your writer always asks you questions which relate to the prompt you have chosen. This is a personal piece, and you need to provide personal information about yourself. Not to worry, though. Your writer will never know your name. All of our customers are assigned ID numbers.
  4. We do not just write college admissions essay pieces, deliver them, and wash our hands of you. You receive drafts for review, and your writer never quits until you are thrilled.
  5. Our application essay writing service is completely confidential. We protect your personal information as if it were our own. Your secret is safe with us.

Great writers for college admission are not easily found. Except at Studicus, that is.

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