Terms of Use

The terms of use described herein apply to anyone who purchases our products or services, visits, our website, contacts us for any reason, or otherwise interacts with us. This includes visitors, paying customers, vendors, and others.

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We have created this terms of use page in order to provide you with pertinent information regarding your rights and responsibilities as they apply to use of our website, and our products and services. We will also lay out several policies that allow us to operate our business using the highest of ethical standards.

Third Party Companies

We do business with several third-party companies. We may also link to external websites or mention other businesses on our website. While we work hard to vet out the companies we associate with in any way, we cannot provide any warranty or guarantee. If you choose to visit an external website or conduct business with a company you learned about on our website or social media pages, you are solely responsible for anything that happens as a result of that decision.

Further, please remember that any guarantee we make regarding privacy, confidentiality, or online safety does not apply once you have exited our site.

Acceptable Use of Our Services

These policies address the acceptable use of our services, and the documents and other deliverables that you receive from us.

Ownership of Documents

Once you download and accept any documents from us, you become the legal owner of those papers. However, you do agree to certain restrictions regarding their use. The documents are to be used for the purposes of academic research and example, to procure a job, or for legitimate business purposes. You may not sell or trade any document or another deliverable to another individual, business, or entity.

Legal Use

First and foremost you agree that you are legally entitled to use our products and services. Further, you agree that you will not use any documents you receive from us to break any laws that apply to you. This includes both civil and criminal violations.

Confidentiality Policy

Our confidentiality policy guarantees that we will never disclose the existence of any type of relationship between ourselves and our clients. However, we cannot control the information that you choose to provide to others, or any information that others may obtain from you.

Social Responsibility Policy

We are committed to operating our business in a way that benefits society as a whole. Further, we make all efforts to eliminate or significantly reduce any negative impact our operations may have on others.

Wages and Hours

Everyone who works for us as an employee or freelancer is paid a living wage. We offer benefits to our employees and assign reasonable schedules. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that our workers are fairly compensated, and treated well. Further, we have a policy that we will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, or disability.

Environmental Policies

We are proud to say that we have gone almost completely paperless. In addition to this, our facilities have undertaken several initiatives to ensure that they produce as little waste as possible and maintain the highest standards of energy efficiency.

Protecting Youth

There are several international laws and regulations that are designed to protect children during their experiences on the internet. We are in full compliance with all of these. This includes our policy to never do business with or collect personal information from anyone under the age of 13. In the event that we do find out that someone this young has created an account or otherwise participated on our website, we will delete their information immediately.

Prioritizing Public Good

We believe that as a company doing business at an international level we have a responsibility to act in the best interest of the public at all times. This applies, even if doing so means losing business.

It is because of this that we have identified certain areas of special interest. These are Medical and Healthcare, Law Enforcement and Legal, Education, and Financial Services. We believe that people in these fields should be held to a higher standard of accountability due to their potential impact on others. Because of this, we reserve the right to refuse to provide services that we believe may result in someone fraudulently obtaining licensing or other credentials.

Use of Our Web Content

We work hard to provide you with informative, entertaining, and useful content on our website and social media pages. Please be aware that all content on our website is our property. It may not be copied or distributed without our express consent and proper attribution.

This does not apply to linking our content or to sharing our content on social media, as long as the content is properly credited.

Originality Guarantee

Every document that we deliver is 100 per cent original. We do not resell any papers, nor do we modify and sell papers. In addition to this, all documents are scanned to verify originality before they are provided to the customer.

Use of Our Website

Anyone using our website agrees to do so for legal and valid reasons only. They agree that they will not use our website to break laws, obtain information for nefarious purposes, or to stalk people or violate their privacy. We consider using our website for the purpose of gaining information to benefit our competitors to fall under the category of nefarious purposes.

Intellectual Property Policy

Any writings or other documents that you provide to us remain either your intellectual property, or the property of the individual or entity that created it. Once we are finished with such documents they are deleted from our system.

When you upload documents, you are affirming that you have the right to both access that document or other resource, and to provide it to us. We are not responsible if you have committed a violation in doing so.

The Use of Product

The Orders produced by Studicus.com are not intended to be submitted as Customers’ own work. The primary purpose of the Product is to be utilized as a reference or a sample for his/her own work. The Company strictly abides by all Copyright laws. Any opposing activity is a responsibility of the Customer if he/she breaks the Company's Terms & Conditions.

Miscellaneous Provisions

All Terms and Conditions that define the rights and obligations of both contract parties, the Customer and the Company, are listed in this Agreement. This document solely, its statements, promises or inducements, are to be considered valid or binding.

After accepting the Terms and Conditions, this Agreement supersedes all previous verbal or written communications and/or Agreements between the parties.

The Customer accepts that if a certain portion of the Terms and Conditions is in conflict with any state law, it will not affect the rest of the document. The Customer’s rights and obligations will continue to be in force for all other terms of this Agreement.

The Agreement is governed, in its interpretation and performance, by the laws of the location of the Company’s physical location of its principal business.

Changes to These Terms of Use

We reserve the right to modify these terms of use at any time for any reason. We cannot guarantee that you will receive notification of these changes. Please review this document frequently, as you are responsible for abiding by these terms.