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You have been in school for a long while. You left graduate school, got a job and thought maybe now you need to rest.
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Welcome to Studicus!

Welcome to Studicus.com. We’re glad you are considering us. If you are interested in buying an essay, you are in the right place. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality services.

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Here’s what Studicus can offer.

Students who buy essays from us should expect nothing less than excellence. We have worked hard to create a great user experience that includes a quality website, 24/7 customer support, best experts in their fields, 100% unique papers, total confidentiality, and secure payment system.


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Essay editing, 6 days, Sophomore 5/5

Editing was the main point to be presented in my essay. Because it was of many pages I just couldn’t go through all of them on my own. I gave them a deadline of 6 days. They fit in with it. The price was less than $100 and the after-all quality worth it. I`m sure that in case I will be looking for some assignment help I would easily rely on them.

Freeda USA
Research paper, 4 days, Sophomore 5/5

I needed to make a perfect argumentation of the topic of my research paper but couldn’t have come with the right idea of a global warming principles, reasons and main ideas. Luckily, there happened to be this resource and its writer who was able to perform everything in the fastest. A bit higher price for urgency didn’t scare me. I`m glad I picked them.

Vendel USA
Lab report, 48 hours, Freshman 4/5

Received my ready-to-submit lab report in two days. While waiting, found a couple of great ideas for my essays on their blog. Two birds with one stone:)))

Mayson Australia
Term paper, 5 days, Sophomore 5/5

I faced a fraud problem with a different writing resource where I had ordered my term paper. There were left only 5 days to get it done and hand in to my professor. How lucky I got that this placed come to help me with the task. They fit in with my deadline and added a couple of new chapters to make it look better and more professional. Thanks Studicus!

Nika New Zealand
Essay, 7 days, Junior 5/5

Thousands of thanks to the support department of this resource. I was working with them almost all the time while my order of an essay was being written and thankfully to them I was kept informed about all changes that they were doing for my paper. I also loved that I was given a personal discount because it was my birthday. That’s cool, isn’t it?

David USA
Multiple writing tasks, High School 5/5

Used to work with studicus all the time at high school. Not into writing services any more but super grateful for this company`s help through the most difficult times!

Jane USA
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We are proud to say that we work with the best writers in their fields. If you still hesitate, feel free to check out some of the papers that we already delivered.
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Need “Write My Dissertation” Service? We Are Here

You think that you have studied for more than a decade, which you need to take a break, think about family, maybe do something else. Later you realize that you have not gotten enough of school, you enroll for masters, and in less than two years, it is behind you. Questions pop up again that maybe you should do a doctorate. This time you feel this one has pressed so much and the end of it all you need to write my dissertation to make my case and the paper. Looking at the schedule, it is all fixed and current; there is no way you can pull a thesis in the time you have been given. Suddenly, the big question, who can write my dissertation?

We know the answer to your question. We have done this for a long time, and it has worked. We have the right resource to make you work all easy. You could be saying to yourself, “I don’t know how to write my dissertation.” Some things make Studicus good at what we do. Do not be quite curious. We can pull this off within the short time possible.

What Should You Expect When You Say Write My Dissertation?

We are aware of what you want, and all we can do is provide you with the custom content you deserve something which makes sense. Something you can defend. If you are wondering, “write my dissertation online!” Make an order and Studicus will do it as soon as possible by:

  • Making your work all consistent: Studicus.com understands you have a supervisor or a professional Ph.D. consultant and making the flow of your work as coherent as possible is our primary objective.
  • Your intention: You have been asking, how can I find someone to write my dissertation and you have one in Studicus. Your goal is not only to be awarded a piece of paper but also to feel gratified that you were able to get what you wanted. If you wanted us to do a nursing paper, then we have you covered. Someone can handle it is available.
  • Our budget: Writing your dissertation for money is not the end of the road. We want you to come back trusting the service Studicus writing offers. Dissertations can act as long-term jobs that are split into bits, in our agreement we provide you with a say on how you would wish to pay. You could decide that you want the jobs done and paid for in segments, with payments done after approval of the segment. Our doors are open to such discussions.
  • Wherever you are: You could have wondered, “Will I have someone write my dissertation in USA?" We are ready to help you. We have not limited our services to specific locations. Wherever you are, the quality of our services does not change. We will write instead of you what you want at a fair price, with fewer worries.

How Will You Write My Dissertation Papers?

When you go to the market, there is always the product you want. You love the product and not in a day do you wish to see it quite differently. There are the basic things every dissertation to write must have. We make sure those things matter. Our writers give each section of your thesis the sharpness it deserves, as follows:

Topic. Usually known, as the research question is often something a writer can do as you agree on a deal. This is where you have to get it right. This gives direction to the dissertation, and we do not wish to fall short of this fact. The question always needs to be scholarly, and by the time your job is with us we can together come up with the research questions and make sure the dissertation stays true to the questions to the end.

Proposal. Before anything starts it takes the form a pitch, in this case, a proposal is the entry point of a dissertation to write. Once it is approved, all that remains is starting to write the dissertation. Studicus is the best website that can enable you to get the dissertation on its feet. We know what the supervisors want. We will do some things to make that possible as follows:

  • We state the research question clearly
  • Present already covered literature that responds and relates to your question
  • We will identify how your research will contribute to knowledge

Essential Parts of the Dissertation to Expect

Abstract and introduction. Impression is one of the most important goals of any writing. Our writers will ensure that your dissertation gets the right abstract and introduction to give it a launching pad and keep the reader flowing to the next chapter flawlessly.

Literature review. This is usually in the second chapter of your dissertation to write. This is the biggest and most selling part of a research. We have the right people for this section. With a good literature review, you have credibility, which makes your research quite authentic, and we promise your work will sail safe through the assessment.

Methodology. This one takes a different form for multiple institutions. We know you might be worried, “what if you write my PhD dissertation for me for money wrongly in this part.” Studicus is not looking to make you disappointed; we will entrench the right data, instruments, and parameters to make the methodology work for your dissertation paper.

The Results

At times known as the discussions could make you the best or one of the best students. Having gotten the best data for you, we will not stop there. We will also engage data in a good analysis, manipulation, and conclusion to demonstrate that in the end, the research was appropriate, relevant and informing. This through, statistics and meaningful analysis of the findings of this academic paper.

In the end, if you were terrified, “who will write my dissertation for me?” The outcome will speak for itself. Be assured of an original essay with no plagiarism document and excellent results. All made possible through the best website at dissertation writing services online.

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