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Marquetta, USAProofreading, 5 days, Freshman

"I wanted to be sure that my paper is unique and didn’t have any mistakes. I ordered proofreading from one of their best editors (according to the support department member whom I was talking to). And yes, in fact, it looks like their editor is rea..."

Marina, USACase study help, 7 days, Sophomore

"The editing and proofreading of the case study was well nailed. I knew that I had made a couple of major errors and actually I was even curious whether they would find and correct them or not. They did. They even provided me with the list of mista..."

Freeda, USAEssay editing, 6 days, Sophomore

"Editing was the main point to be presented in my essay. Because it was of many pages I just couldn’t go through all of them on my own. I gave them a deadline of 6 days. They fit in with it. The price was less than $100 and the after-all quality wo..."

When You Need Another Set of Eyes – Get a Pro to Edit/Proofread

You’ve finished a first draft, and you know your writing skills are not the greatest; You’ve finished a large research piece (e.g., thesis or dissertation, case study), and you need an objective review and edit by a pro You’ve been handed back and essay or paper and told to re-write it if you want a decent grade. You need help. You’re wondering, “Who can rewrite my essay?” You’ve got an admissions essay finished but it lacks pizazz and polish. You need a creative writer to “pimp it.” All of these situations are handled by Studicus every day. And they are handled in only the way a top-notch editing/proofreading service can.

Take a Look at How We Work

  1. Our Paper and Essay Editing Service

When a student places an order for editing services, here is what happens:

  • We analyze the type and topic of the piece of writing, as well as the academic level of the student.
  • We assign one of our experienced writers/editors who has the suitable qualifications for the topic and academic level.
  • That writer/editor will follow your instructions and meet your deadline, but in general our editing services will be thorough and include all of the standard stuff that a good review and edit entails.

What the Editing Process Means

  1. The first part of our editing process is a review of the structural organization of the piece of writing. From the thesis sentence, to the order in which points are made, to the overall logical flow of ideas, the editor will look to see that your essay or paper is coherent (i.e., it makes logical sense).
  2. The next step will be to review each paragraph or section – to ensure that paragraphs have a topic sentence and that there are good transitions between paragraphs and sections.
  3. The next step will involve looking at the sentence structure – consistent verb tense use, agreement between subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent, variety of sentence types and lengths, etc.
  4. The writer/editor will recommend changes that should be made, and the client stays in control, either approving those changes or not. This means that there will be lots of communication between the customer and the editor, and that is exactly how a piece of writing is turned into an exceptional piece of writing.
  5. Our Proofreading Process

Proofreading is not the same as editing. Proofreading will focus more on the following:

  1. It will look at sentence grammar and construction and repair any errors that are found
  2. It will look at vocabulary and word usage and suggest changes
  3. It will look at punctuation and spelling and correct those mistakes

Proofreading concentrates more on the mechanics of your writing as opposed to organizational structure and coherence. You can tell us, “Proofread my essay,” and enjoy rapid service and extremely reasonable price.

Re-Writing Services from

There are several circumstances that cause students to ask for re-writing services.

  1. A student may have an essay or paper returned with a poor grade, and the option to re-write it and submit it again for something better.
  2. A student may find a perfect piece that serves his/her assignment but that has been written by someone else. In this case, they will request that a qualified writer take that piece and write an original piece from it.
  3. Copywriters may develop marketing materials or website content that they do not feel is creative or engaging enough. They will order a re-writing of that piece by one of our expert content writers.
  4. Students may have crafted admissions or scholarship essays and do not like them. They will order re-writing, and our creative writing department can provide the polish and the exceptionalism that these pieces need to engage and compel admissions committees.

The Benefits of Studicus Services

All customers who come to our company for either original writing or editing, proofreading, or re-writing, will enjoy the same benefits:

  1. Confidentiality: We have the latest security systems in place, encrypt all customer personal information and will never share that information with a third party.
  2. Free Revisions: if you don’t like everything about the piece you receive, just tell your writer or our customer support department, and we’ll change what you want.
  3. Reasonable and Fair Pricing: Check out our pricing and compare. You will find that, for the professionalism we have and for the caliber of writers and editors we employ, you will get the “biggest bang for your buck.”
  4. Personally Assigned Writer: A writer who is totally qualified to complete your order will be assigned. You will keep in contact with your writer as much as you want.
  5. 24-Hour Customer Service: We never close – you can call, chat or email anytime. Our customer service agents can help you complete an order form, answer any questions you have about policies or services, and resolve any issues you have.

Get What You Want When You Want It

Our mission is to serve customers in the best way we can, to continue to work for them until they are 100% satisfied, and provide writing services that are second-to-none on the planet.

Place your order now and experience what a top notch writing service can do.

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