The purpose of this page is to provide additional clarification as well as details where we believe doing so is necessary. This page also goes into detail on policies that are important to lay out.

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Changes to This Page

We may change the policies on this page as well as our other policy pages at any time. We are not under any obligation to give prior notice. However, we will make a reasonable effort to inform website visitors and customers that changes have been made. Please note that you are responsible for knowing and understanding all of our policies at any given time.

Order Form Details

Customers will notice that the order form has a significant amount of required information. We must collect the grade level, type of paper required, due date, customer instructions, and more. It is imperative that this information be as complete and accurate as possible. Remember that this information is used to create the best product possible.

Grade Inflation: This is an unfortunate practice where students ask to have a paper completed at a higher grade level than is actually applicable to them. This is done with the mistaken belief that the document they receive will be better, and will result in a higher grade.

This practice should be avoided at all costs. If an instructor notes that a student turns in a paper that is beyond their experience and capabilities, they will very likely believe the student has cheated. That’s not something worth risking.

Maintaining Your Contact Information

It is imperative that we are able to contact you. This is why your contact information must be entered correctly and updated when it is changed. Please make note to login and change your information should you get a new phone provider, move, swap out email addresses, or change any other information. Our customer support staff is always happy to help you make these changes. Please remember that if there are delays or quality issues due to your failure to keep your contact information correct and up to date.

Questions or Comments About These Disclaimers

We are always open to fielding any questions or comments you have about any of our policies. Our customer service department is happy to provide further clarification, answer questions, or escalate complaints or concerns to the proper department. We work hard to respond to these requests as quickly as possible.

Remitting Payment

We require that payment is made before work begins. In addition to this, if additional products and services are ordered in the midst of an order, the payment for those must be made in order for work to continue. We currently accept PayPal, Money Transfer, and debit or credit cards. In the future, we will consider adding other payment methods and currencies.

If your bank or other financial institution holds payment pending identity verification, we will contact you with instructions on submitting that verification. However, complying with this must be done quickly to avoid any delays.

Customer Accounts

Before customers are able to place their first orders, they will be required to create a customer account. They will use this account to log into our customer portal. Once they do so, they will be able to send messages to their writer, review completed papers, check on the status of an order, download documents, make payments, and upload important resources. It is the customers responsibility to use a password that is complex enough to avoid hacking, and to ensure that they do not allow others to access the portal using their account. Our writers are instructed not to communicate with customers outside of the secure portal.


This website uses cookies in order to provide the best functionality possible. If you choose to block cookies from our website, it may become unstable and not work as designed. We are not responsible for any negative outcomes should you choose to block cookies. We do not install cookies to collect personal data or impact any other part of your computer.


Please refer to our revisions policies for more details.

Legal Use

Customers agree to only use our products and services in a manner that complies with the law. It is the customer’s responsibility to know and comply with any law that applies to them.


Please refer to our money back guarantee policy page for more details.