32 Interesting Biology Research Paper Topics

Posted: March 27, 2019
32 Interesting Biology Research Paper Topics

If you’re tasked with writing about the popular biology research topics of the moment, it pays to know what they are. To give you plenty of ideas we’ve compiled a list of the 32 interesting biology research topics that are most in the news right now. That way you can create a biology research paper that will get you the top grade you’ve been looking for.

  1. Is obesity a genetic phenomenon? This is a topic that has garnered a lot of attention in recent years, and it continues to be controversial.
  2. Homosexuality in different species: is it possible? There is strong evidence to suggest that homosexuality is seen across all species, but what causes it?
  3. What are the principles of human cloning? If you want a futuristic and interesting biology topic to write about, human cloning could be just what you are looking for.
  4. Is a paleo diet the healthiest way to live? Elite athletes, especially those in CrossFit wax lyrical about the paleo diet, but does it just lead to high cholesterol?
  5. Are humans omnivores or frugivores? There is a lot of evidence to suggest that humans haven’t actually evolved to eat meat, it just happens that we’re capable of catching it.
  6. What are the origins of biology as a standalone discipline? This makes an interesting biology topic for a research topic if you want a broad overview.
  7. Explore the cutting edge of biophysics. Biophysics is at the intersection of biology and physics, and it’s responsible for clever new developments such as depth-sensitive touch on screens.
  8. What are the biological causes for food intolerances? With more and more people switching to gluten-free diets, this is a hot topic right now
  9. What causes an allergic reaction? Everyone has heard of anaphylactic shock, but what causes such a violent reaction when the apparent cause is so innocuous?
  10. How do vaccines work? If you want to buy a research paper online, this could be a great topic. As research topics for biology go, vaccines are one of the undisputed success stories of the 20th century.
  11. What are the adaptations that have allowed humans to walk on two legs?
  12. Why are human babies so much slower to develop than other mammalian species? You could even tie this in with #11 if you wanted to!
  13. Is there a need for Testosterone Replacement Therapy? If you look at any cheap research papers for sale, TRT will be a popular topic. Especially because it has been exploited by a number of athletes in combat sports in recent years.
  14. Can a man and a woman ever compete on a level playing field in an athletic event?
  15. What are the impacts of anabolic steroids on the endocrine system? Steroids have given rise to a number of controversial science topics for a research paper, and with good reason. Take a look at whether they cause permanent damage and you will be able to create a great paper.
  16. Why did the Descent of Man cause such controversy in Victorian Britain?
  17. Why does it take 6 months for a baby’s eye color to settle?
  18. Does inbreeding increase the chances of birth defects and other conditions?
  19. Why do some bodies reject organ transplants? This is one of the best biology research paper topics for high school and college students as it will introduce you to a whole host of fundamental aspects of biology and physiology.
  20. How are we as a species becoming resistant to antibiotics?
  21. How do hospital superbugs like MRSA get tackled?
  22. What are the key differences between viral infection, and a bacterial infection?
  23. Are certain people genetically predisposed to addiction?
  24. Is marijuana chemically addictive, or psychologically addictive? One of the big current research topics in biology is the impact of drugs on mental health. With the move to decriminalize marijuana gathering pace, it’s never been more topical.
  25. What is the impact on the mental health of persistent narcotic use?
  26. What happens to the body on a cellular level when it gets dehydrated?
  27. Discuss the fundamental bodily processes that are performed when your body is asleep. Any research paper writing service will be able to help you create an incredible paper on the science of sleep.
  28. How does the body function when a person is in a coma?
  29. How does the body react to sudden instances of physical trauma?
  30. What causes hemophilia, and how can it be treated? It’s a disease that has killed kings and queens in centuries gone by, but what causes it? And what can be done to effectively treat it?
  31. What is the impact of sunburn on the skin at a cellular level?
  32. Is there an optimal way to promote hypertrophy?

Hopefully, you’ve found plenty of ideas to get your paper writing started. All you need to do now is put pen to paper, and create something your teacher will love to read!

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