How to Write a Narrative Essay

Posted: January 18, 2018
How to Write a Narrative Essay

A narrative essay offers an excellent opportunity to enhance your illustrative communication skills in speech and writing. It is a channel that allows the writer to share a story through their words. The essay is personal and will enable you to express yourself in creative ways; the article can be anecdotal, or experimental.

Learning how to write a narrative essay is pivotal in determining your professional and social life. Storytelling skills also play a major part in securing a position in your school of choice. Therefore, narrative assignments are relevant and practical in the outside world. Employers will enquire if you possess crucial writing skills and your capability in writing proposals or reports. A well-written narrative about how you scored your first client will show not only your communication abilities but also job skills and leadership roles that will help you land the coveted position.

Narrative essays, persuasive or argumentative articles are exciting to most students. The essays have the freedom to describe an event from your point of view, influencing the readers with the emotions in your words. A significant step is, therefore, learning how to write a killer narrative essay that will help you discover yourself throughout your personal and professional life.

Contents of a Narrative essay

In the following texts, we share tips on how to write a narrative essay step by step. Yes, we are an online writing service, and yet we hold your best interest at heart.

The topic. A strong narrative includes a topic that should be an attention grabber. The problem at all times should be on a subject you are most familiar with, a poor topic will cause your paperwork to suck. It is not a good student paper if you are not among the characters.

The introductory statement- start your story with a thought-provoking comment. You see why a good topic is important? Rely on descriptive adjectives that will create a mental picture of the scenario or ask questions that will grab readers' attention. A great story connects with the viewers/ listener, do not throw the meat to the lion, and make them work for it. Explain how it all happened, tiny details including the temperature, the broken glass, and the cracked wall, paint an exact picture of the moment.

The structure and the outline. Sweet narratives are divided into three segments, the set-up, the main scenario, climax, and conclusion. Explain the body of the story, all the events, the characters, bring out their abilities, weakness. The main character should be portrayed out clearly. The paragraphs are short and the sentences not long. To write an outline for a narrative essay you have to be organized, control the flow of the composition.

The conclusion. The conclusion should be thrilling. It should not be as apparent as the soap operas, get creative and add a twist to the story. Often the end is what sways the final grade. The last statement should be short and sweet.

How to Start a Narrative Essay

The introduction is the most crucial part of the essay, and it is the determinant factor of whether we will be hooked to your story. Let’s examine how to write a narrative essay introduction. Rule of thumb, try to avoid the first pronoun “I.” It narrows the reader’s perspective of an event. To write in a third-person narrative essay is the goal, to attack but still connect with the reader.  A quality introduction may include one of the following:

  • A quote from a renowned person that is relevant, inspirational and sentimental.
  • Use of facts in the form of figures from statistics on the topic.
  • An overview of the narrative, like an anecdote.
  • Asking intriguing questions that will make the reader curious.
  • Defining a word that is pivotal to the plot of the story.


How to write a good narrative essay? What is the goal of the story? Is there moral teaching? Are you addressing issues in society or campaigning an event? Let your story have a point, and communicate the message through artful words and a clear voice. Evoke emotions, both sad and happy. Highlight the most crucial moments in the story, let your readers connect with the characters, experience the joy and their pain.

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